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8-11-13 Dear Splashing Sunshine!!!

What a happy day we had yesterday!!!  I took you out to our friend’s for a nice get together and BBQ.  We got to stay in “Eastman”, that’s fancy fancy!  We were right on the lake with a pretty beach, so we took you to play in the water.  It was your first time and you LOVED it!  Splash, splash, splash and run, run, run!  Image

You had a wonderful time playing with little Connor and Trinity too!  Trin loves you so much, she likes to play peekaboo with you and is constantly looking out for you.  She’s just like a big sister, and boy can she make you laugh.

It was so great seeing you have a nice, easy day.  No problems what so ever.  Let’s hope today  goes just as well.  Your play house will be all set up this afternoon, so I expect us to have another good one!  I love you little bug!

Keep shining bright!



Stop feeding Stauba Friend your sausages.  She is getting fat enough 😉

A special thank you to Shannon and Scott Burgess for having us!


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